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What Is a Special Interest Group?

An Academic Special Interest Group (SIGs) is simply a collection of individuals interested in a particular marketing topic. The 18 Academic SIGs are overseen by the AMA Academic Division's Academic Council. These 18 groups offer specialized activities in the topic of interest and each SIG is led by at least two officers. Officers are listed with each SIG but there is also a list of officers here.

How Do I Join a SIG?

Every AMA member is given the opportunity to select one SIG as part of their membership fees and can join additional groups for $20 per SIG. If you are already a member of the AMA and would like to join a SIG, please call 800.AMA.1150 (from inside the US) or +1.312.542.9000 (outside the US). If you are not a member of the American Marketing Association, visit the Join the AMA page.

List of Special Interest Groups

SIG Leadership Materials

Various key documents are archived as part of the Academic SIG Leaders site under the Volunteer Leads page. Note that access to this site requires that you be logged in. SIG leaders may also be interested in the Pre-Conference Events Guidelines.

For more information on SIGs please contact Bill Stanton at

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