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ARC: Connections

AMA Academic Council
The Council is the voluntary leadership of the Academic Division

AMA Academic SIGs
AMA Special Interest Groups are organized around specific topics

AMA Conferences
Links to Academic Division conferences; past, present and future

AMA Newsletters
Members of the Academic Division are eligible for opt-in email newsletters

AMA-Academics Platform
The AMA provides this software platform for hosting ELMAR and other virtual communities

AMA Member Roster
An exclusive and popular AMA benefit that connects 40,000 AMA members with one another.

Web logs for the amusement of marketing academics and professors in general

Susan Brudvig's list of Marketing Professors on Twitter

Virtual community for dialog and announcements open to all marketing academics

External links to various email-based platforms for the discussion of marketing and related fields

Other Languages
Entry points to non-English resources for marketing academics

Other Organizations
A list of groups of marketing educators from all over the world

A list of those who have contributed to the ARC. Join the ARC Types!

Electronic, and heartfelt, tributes to our colleagues who are no longer with us

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