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Marketing News
Marketing News has a fresh take on all aspects of marketing, from advertising to sales, B-to-B to CPG, research to promotion. The magazine looks at the issues driving marketing, including strategy, innovation, best practices, branding, technology and globalization. Marketing News also covers the industry's basics, the core concepts around which winning progrems are builg. And Marketing News tells these storices through case studies and conversations with marketing's thought leaders. AMA members and subscribers find relevant and timely content in every issue.

Marketing Insights
Marketing Insights is the AMA's quarterly magazine written for marketers, those who work with research and those who work with the resulting insights - which, in this data-driven marketplace, encompasses marketers of every industry. The magazine thinks beyond the survey or analysis to the actionable insights that can be parsed from the data, and can lead to a deeper understanding of customers, competitors and the marketplace as a whole. With a forward-looking editorial strategy, Marketing Insights provides coverate of tradidtional research theories, techniques and tools tempered with content focusing on business insights and analytics activities, allowing marketers from both sides of the research equation to see how information is best gathered and acted on to drive profitable business growth.

Marketing Health Services
Marketing professionasl looking for new ways to marketing their healthcare organization need look no further. Marketing Health Services, a quarterly magazine specifically aimed at senior-level healthcare marketers and managers, offers targeted information, practial strategies and thought-provoking commentary to help achieve your goals and shape your vision. Marketing Health Services tackles some o fthe biggest issues facing healthcare marketers today, including e-health, DTC marketing, legislative developments, healthcare ROI, and database marketing. Regular features include revealing case studies as well as roundtables with the leading thinkers in the constantly changing field.

Journal of Marketing
For more than seven decades, Journal of Marketing has been a vibrant outlet for the communication of ideas and thought leadership in marketing, bridging the gap between theory and application. By providing thought-provoking, in-depth articles covering vital aspects of the marketing industry, Journal of Marketing is the premier publication for academics and practitioners. Each issue includes original research on all aspects of marketing.

Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Marketing Research delves into the latest thinking in marketing research, from philosophy and theories to methods and techniques. Written for technically oriented research analysts, educators, and statisticians, Journal of Marketing Research covers a wide range of marketing research concepts, methods, and applications. You'll read about new techniques, contributions to knoledge based on experimental methods, and developments in related fields that have a bearing on marketing research.

Journal of International Marketing
Readers rely on Journal of International Marketing for the latest in global marketing issues. Geared both to international Marketing and business scholars and to senior- and mid-level practitioners, Journal of International Marketing features analysis of the latest marketing theories, in-depth articles, and coverage of new methods. Also included are scholarly and managerially relevant articles on international marketing and timely insights from executives on new trends and tactics. Journal of International Marketing is the foremost resource on today's international marketing environment.

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Addressing the dynamic relationship between marketing and the public interest, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing is a source of runderstanding today's most important issues. Each issue features a wide-ranging forum for the research, findings, and discussion of marketing subjects related to business and government, including issues of nutrition and health, ethics and social responsibility, antitrust, privacy, and copyright and trademarks, as well as policy implications from the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing illustrates the important role fo marketing in the legal and regulatory venues.
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